Top Rated Email Service Providers in Germany

What is an Email Service Provider?

An email service provider is used to send and receive emails on behalf of the user. Email Service Providers are also responsible for making sure that spam does not reach users’ inboxes or flood their servers with junk mail, among other things. Some providers offer additional services such as faxing, messages, conference calling, and video.

Thank you for your time and consideration! We hope that these tips have been helpful for you if you are in Germany and looking for the best email service provider, then look no further than these listed options. Whether you need a reliable email hosting company or want to use an international email service provider, all of these will have what you’re looking for!

Email Service Providers in Germany

Top Rated Email Service Providers in Germany

– a global provider of domain names and web hosting, offers an unlimited inbox for €0.99 per month

– Gmail or Google Mail: a free webmail service that provides storage space and can be accessed through any browser on virtually any device,

– Yahoo: offers web hosting and email services, with a free inbox for the first 100MB of storage or $49.99 per year for unlimited space

Outlook/Live: an online service from Microsoft that comes in three different subscription tiers. The basic tier includes 25GB storage space, plus extras like Skype

– Yahoo! Mail: is also very well known among individuals and businesses alike.

– Outlook: a Microsoft product, offers an unlimited inbox for €0.99 per month

– GMX: is one of the leading providers in Germany with over 13 million customers and provides free storage space on their servers for up to 50 MB

– WEB.DE: has more than 12 million customers worldwide, offers a free email account with Login up to 50 MB inbox for a lifetime.

– TUMULT HOSTING: provides web hosting and domain name registration services. It also offers an unlimited mail service for €0.99 per month

We have reviewed the best email service providers in Germany and found that they are all very similar – each with its own pros and cons – but also offer the same thing to its customers which is free storage space on virtually any device.

So when choosing an email service provider, it is best to consider the following: which company offers you the most storage space? Which one has a good reputation for protecting your privacy and security? What are their prices like? And finally, what features do they provide that would suit your needs.

If you are still unsure of which email service provider to choose, we recommend looking into the specific features they offer and deciding from there. We will be reviewing these companies in a separate post soon so stay tuned!